MX trainings

In all MX training groups you can select between two payment methods:


  • includes 8 trainings within one 1 calendar month
  • Additional training: 25 eur/training

TRAINING FEE: 30 EUR/training

  • You can switch one monthly fee to training fee and vice versa but you have to let us know about the change at least one month in advance through e-mail:
  • The use of our protection gear in the trainings is free of charge.
  • There can be additional fees in addition to training fee:
    • Track fee 5-25 eur depending on the size of the bike and the track. The use of Academy tracks in Kulbilohu, Jõgeva field, Luunja is free of charge.
    • The use of Academy bike (see below the exact prices)
    • Transportation fee when an athlete or his/her bike is transported to the training with Academy bus. The transportation fee is calculated based on the distance and transported athletes/bikes.
  • The invoice is issued at the beginning of a new month based on the participated trainings, use of academy bikes etc.
  • The trainings can be declared in Estonian income tax return as training cost.

Other trainings and services

TRIAL25 eur/training
MX private training50 eur/training
The storage of personal bike in Academy garage1 bike: 30 eur/month
2+ bikes: 25 eur/month/bike
The rent of Academy bike (can be used only in Academy trainings)PW, 50mini, 50cc – 10 eur/training
65cc, 85cc – 15 eur/training
125cc, 250cc – 30 eur/training

We have very good partners who maintain and repair bikes. For more information contact

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