MARTIN MOOSES is a 4. level motosport coach and 5. level athletics coach. In addition to supervising both mx and physical trainings he is the manager of Estonian Motorsport Academy.

Martin has a PhD in sport sciences and has worked for a decade in University of Tartu as a lecturer.

Phone: +372 5346 3066,


ARON LENZIUS actively participates in MX1 class competitions. He is a 3. level motorsport coach. He mainly supervises our COMPETITION group.

HENDRIK TALVIKU is a MX and enduro rider. He also studies physiotherapy in University of Tartu. He mainly supervises the ACTIVE training group.

SANDER LUIGA is enduro rider who replaces our main coaches when they are in competitions.

TRIAL coach

VALLO PÕDER ehk Volts is the one who teaches how to crawl over stones, trees and other obstacles with your bike.

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